Friday, May 7, 2010

My mind is a haze





The heat and droning and ugly ass Arizona has us beat up and tooooo tired to post exacts on the trip so here are some pics... Ill talk about thetrip when I gain my sanity back after its all done.. so just check this for the pictures for now :)






Well in better spirits now. It seems all those energy things we drank put us in a bad mood. Well we are in Van Horn TX now and should arrive in San Antonio on Saturday.

So some where in NM there is a gas station that has this thing called "the thing" and that thing is a mummy with a baby mummy they found. The Ride today was great though good weather most of the way. El Paso was also bigger than I expected much bigger actually. Also saw Juarez and that place looks reallll bad all shanty town like.

Well that is it for now going to go to bed.
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Close to yuma

Lots of dunes!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Seeing Off Party


Come see us off this Tuesday at McMullans across the orleans on trop. starting at 4 is happy hour.. I will be there at 5..

I will post a picture of the bike now with it's new windscreen and all packed on Tuesday.
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It's Almost Here

Wednesday is almost here and with that is the start of the trip. Tonight I will have everything ready to go and packed. That way Tuesday I can just spend time with loved ones and not worry about packing. Can't wait to see all the different landscapes, cities, and people.

Also you can follow Noelin and the DR perspective of the trip on this blog DRTROOPER