Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bags Almost Here

So I called the people over at Happy Trail and they should finish my pannier set by Thursday so I should have them by Monday I hope. Man I want this trip to hurry up and start now. Getting all this cool stuff and seeing all the ride reports from other ADV riders make me really want to go now. At least this weekend I am going off with Noelin to go do a little trip to test some things out.

Just wanted to share a picture of me on one of the bikes my Dad has a made. It's a 77 or 78 Ironhead not sure on the year.

The Ultimate Driving Machine and The Ultimate Riding Suit

This suit is amazing! It uses different levels of insulation depending on what body part it's covering. It has the best airflow when it's hot and the sleeves come off to make a vest also.. The jacket can just be configured so many different was to keep you warm/dry/cool everything. Now I just wish I could afford the jacket or pants :) I like the grey too it's got that whole BMW race color to it

Here is a review on them Review

Monday, March 29, 2010


We took a test ride with our bikes to various desert spots around vegas. The nicest spot was the trail along the side of a mountain. Not the one in this picture. The trail was not very wide. We will have some video of that later. The dry lake bed was really neat. Hit about 90 mph then we slowed down due to random sinkholes showing up. The trip that we have coming up will be amazing. After that I think we will do alaska.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Slight Change in Plans

So, As you can see there has been a big change in plans. I will be doing this on my new BMW F800GS instead of the Ducati. This came about when I packed my tank and tail bag and saw that it cannot hold enough stuff for the trip. Sure I could buy those side bags too from Ducati and spend another 500 bucks. But why?? When a complete aluminum pannier set from that is a combined 70 to 75 liters of space cost 750 with the frame and bags that go in them oh and lets not forget the locks too plus tons of companies actually make bags for this bike where no one made anything for the Ducati except Ducati. I just can't see how Ducati can charge a total of 1100 dollars for all the bags that will go on a monster(very sub par bags too). The end of the tank strap started coming all apart in less then 100 miles. So I went ahead and traded the monster in for the BMW. Now I have the space and most importantly the reliability to make this trip. Can't wait to get out there in a month
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Rock

We went out riding and filmed with the cameras. Here is a screen shot from one of the videos.

The camera was mounted on his foot peg

Friday, March 12, 2010

Go Pro HD

So I ordered mine today and it will arrive on Saturday. Noelin and I are doing some test runs on Sunday with our cameras then later they will get edited and posted.

The quality from what I have seen is pretty good so if need an HD camera I would get this. Click on the link above and it will take you to amazon to buy one.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

High Def Video

I am excited to say that Noelin was able to get one of the GoPro HD HERO cameras. So we will be trading that back and forth on the bikes to get some video of us while we ride. Can't wait to capture the ride on the Dragons Tail portion of our trip.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Red Rock

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Here it is with its bags at Red Rock. I wish I could buy the side bags since I still need more space.

Getting Ready

Here I am with my three bags. Sorry for the photo quality as it was shot with a phone. Trip is right around the corner and the excitement is building.

Expect a lot of great pictures from the trip. If you want to see my photography go to