Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Slight Change in Plans

So, As you can see there has been a big change in plans. I will be doing this on my new BMW F800GS instead of the Ducati. This came about when I packed my tank and tail bag and saw that it cannot hold enough stuff for the trip. Sure I could buy those side bags too from Ducati and spend another 500 bucks. But why?? When a complete aluminum pannier set from that is a combined 70 to 75 liters of space cost 750 with the frame and bags that go in them oh and lets not forget the locks too plus tons of companies actually make bags for this bike where no one made anything for the Ducati except Ducati. I just can't see how Ducati can charge a total of 1100 dollars for all the bags that will go on a monster(very sub par bags too). The end of the tank strap started coming all apart in less then 100 miles. So I went ahead and traded the monster in for the BMW. Now I have the space and most importantly the reliability to make this trip. Can't wait to get out there in a month
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  1. Plus the BMW is way more reliable than a Ducati. The last thing you want on a trip is to have the duc break down and no parts for two weeks (again)

    This is the smart move, you always see adventure riders use these.